Cassie at class 'n stuff

I did go back to my class.  The same dogs were there.  The little dog whined.  The old lady told it to be quiet.  The hound dog jumped on his lady and barked.  The teacher spent most all of the class trying to make him sit.  The lady with the monster dog said "what should I do - he bit me!"  The old lady and I heeled in circles then left early.  Bor-ing!  I had fun on the way home in the car - stuff was coming out of both ends of me.  Ha.

My real dog dad has his own movies he stars in.  I want to go stay with him so we can make movies.  I can jump high, eat grass, swallow socks, chase cats, and de-stuff dog toys.  I think that would be a good movie.


More Fun With Cassie

I guess I am not a good dog because I feel like they are unhappy around here because I am peeing in the house.  I pee outside and inside,  So what? 

I did it again!  Went in that car.  So I vomited on myself.  Maybe she will take the hint.

No, she didn't take the hint.  Now I have to sit in the crate in the car for no reason.  I just sit there.  She sprays something that smells like flowers and gives me a treat.  I just sit there.

I went to my first puppy class.  What a mistake I think they made.  I need a smarter class because I have a higher IQ than those losers that are my classmates.  The teacher talked and talked and talked.  I peed on the floor.  There is a monster dog in my class.  He could not be a puppy, but he is a loser just like the others.  The old lady called me a snob.

I have to go back to class again.  We had homework.  Oh, it was SOOOO hard.  Not!  Sit - Please - I could do that when I was a small puppy.

I walk my dad to the mailbox on the weekends, and in the mornings when it's still dark out.  He told the old lady he thought it was cute when I held the leash in my mouth.  She said I could not do that anymore because she wants me to learn the proper way to walk on a leash.  I can see we're going to have a problem here.  First, I'm not sure the old man knows where I want to go, so I have to lead him.  Also, I am so cute that the guys in the house let me do lots of fun things -  the old lady, not so much.



Cassie is blogging again

I didn't know an outing meant going somewhere in the car. I bark and scream in the car.  I have to be real loud so they can hear me over the music.  I was glad the "outing" only lasted about 5 minutes, because it's hard work barking that much.  I went to a huge building.  It was so much fun.  There were many dogs like me there, and they liked me except for one who was mean.  I saw a dog that made me think I was seeing spots.I met my new best friend named Zoe.  She is just my size and she said her owner is named Cookie Joan.  I love her.  My friend Zoe's mom was there, too.  She sniffed me all over.

There were gates or baby gates everywhere.  I can fit through them.  When we leftwe had to get back in that car.  The old lady I live with said I need more "outings".  I would say yes if I get to see Cookie Joab and Zoe.  I would say no if it means a car ride.

Today was a quiet sad day here.  Me and mom and Foxxy went upstairs to the bedroom by ourselves.  Some people came over and then when we went downstairs the old dog was gone and the old lady was sad.

I have a list of new things I ate this week: foam rubber, tags off of things. I tried to eata tie, a ballpoint pen, stuffing my mom took out of a toy, and a rug.  My mom is so much fun.  I bite her and chase her and we break toys together.

I guess I am not always a good dog, because I feel like they are unhappy around here because I am peeing in the house.  I pee outside and I pee inside.  So what?

Last night, mom and Foxxy and I had a big adventure.  We went outside to go pee before going to bed, and as soon as the old man opened the door, mom and Foxxy took off across the yard.  They were barking and all excited, so I jumped off the porch and ran after them.  There across the yard was what looked like a new toy.  It was shaped like one of my toy animals that's asleep.  It  was about the same size as what the old lady calls a "cat", but it didn't run away when we ran up to it.  The old man started yelling and yelling at us.  Mom was barking and barking, as was Foxxy.  The old man grabbed mom's collar and my collar and pulled us away from the toy.  Then the toy woke up, and it had really nasty looking teeth.  It was very ugly!  The old man made us go inside even though we wanted to try and chase it.  The man said it was a possum.  He dragged mom and me back in the house, and of course Foxxy came along, since she always does what the man asks her to do.  I got so excited about this that I forgot to pee!  So the man took me back out, but on a leash.  I thought maybe I could play with the possum, but it was gone.  I guess we scared him away!  We are good watch dogs!


Cassie's First Blog Entry

I am 10 weeks old, and I would like to let my brothers and sisters know what I've been doing.  Today I swallowed a small sock.  It was a sock that my owner put on Mom's foot, and then Mom and I took off.  I've had my eye on one of those for quite a while.  When I like something, I swallow it to keep it with me.  I don't have pockets, you know.  My owner tried to stop me, but I am faster than that old lady.  She squirted something in my mouth, and my sock came back out.  That was fun and good to know.

 I have two brothers who went to be service dogs.  Their pictures are on the web.  My owners say you can find out more here on their website.  I could do what they're doing, but I have to stay here with the old lady.  She thinks I pee too much, but I like to just pee small amounts when she takes me outside, and save most of it for the house.  That really causes a bigger reaction than peeing outside.

 I went to the vet.  He had big cookies for me.  I liked them.  They came out of me on the way home in the car.  I worked on the vet's computer when he left the room, since I was on the counter with his computer.

I have the best toy ever!  It is orange and white, and when I bite it and jump on it, it squeeks and squeeks.  Mom calls it a cat.

Tomorrow I get to go on an outing!

 - Cassie


Neil and Storm are on the cover!

Check out the front cover of this week's Vienna and Oakton Connection.  Neil (Armstrong) and Stormin' Norman Schwarzkopf (Storm) are featured in the cover story about Veterans Moving Forward.  You can also read the article here:

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