Cassie Begins Field Work at PVGRC WC/WCX

Cassie participated in the PVGRC WC/WCX in Cheltenham, MD on 5/11.  She handled two land marks, one a bird and one a bumper, and also two water marks, both bumpers.  She manages bumpers close to shore, but is still figuring out what to do in deeper water.  She will no doubt be blogging about her experience soon!


Cassie is being social

I can't believe it!  They are talking about another brother of mine.  Neil - oh, he's so cute - he is learning how to greet people properly.  People don't like it when you sit politely - they want you to jump on them a lot and kiss them.  They make the loudest and most noise when you do that.  I think my brother is an astronaut. His name is Neil Armstrong. 

The old lady said I graduated from puppy kindergarten.  We went to class and we did our sits, downs, and leave-its.  Then we had to walk on the leash down the aisle with the people watching.  The old lady wanted to do the stroll but no one was old enough to know what that was.  I think I was the star of my class but that was just me.  I met some people - Pam, Sharon, Trish - and they said I was sooo good.  That was so funny that I laughed and laughed.  Everyone loved me.  Then I couldn't believe it, I saw my little sister Sunni!  She is so cute and so nice.  We love eack other.  I wanted her to come back home so my mom could see how cute she is, but her people want to keep her.  They said she is so smart - she must be like me. 

The old people are so excited because one of my other big brothers, Storm, had his picture taken with U.S. Senator Tim Kaine.  I think my brother is famous maybe since he hangs out with Senators.


Cassie goes to her first dog show!

Today was the biggest day of my Whole Life!  I saw a million Goldens and millions of people, my best friend Zoe, Cookie Joan, Karen (who helped me be born), everyone I know in the whole wide world, and my handsome brother.  I went in the car with the old man for the longest ride of my Whole Life - it took a million days.  We got to a park that was a million acres.  The old lady was ALREADY THERE when I got there so I think she was gone from home for a million days.  It was the loneliest million days of my Whole Life.  We hugged and hugged. So then we went up the hill to a ring like I've seen before.  I went in the ring with a million Golden puppies like me.  We were so cute.  I was able to help the old lady show me by taking my leash and pulling it.  Then we went to see Cookie Joan and you will NEVER believe this BUT she did NOT HAVE ANY CHICKEN.  I couldn't believe it!  My best friend Zoe is one week younger than me so I was trying to help Cookie Joan with Zoe by taking the leash and I tried and tried to get hold of the leash but Cookie Joan would not let me so I was offended and just left.  I saw my stupid brother - everyone was "oh, he's so handsome and so good!"  Please, it made me sick. I was so tired I fell asleep in the crate and then Aunt Foxxy got in the car and everyone was "oh, she's so cute and so good." Oh, please!

I had a very busy day.  I was so tired I fell asleep in the old man's car and forgot to throw up on it.  I had a very big day!  We ar now four months old!


More Cassie class stuff!

I went to class.  I wanted to go home. I hate the car. A boy said I was a good dog.  I was bored. The car, the car, I hate the car.  I went to the store. I saw new people and I practiced sitting.  One person called me by my name.  I didn't know her but she knew me.  She showed me her dog and it was bigger than me and black and I it liked me so I hit it in the face with my foot.

Today I went to see Cookie Joan and my best friend Zoe.  She is cute like me.  Her brother likes me a little too much but he is cute like me too.  I went in the car and didn't get sick.    Cookie Joan brought toys and I brought some home.

I went to class AGAIN!  The big dog pooped on the floor.  It was funny.  We played and I hit him  in the face with my foot and hit knocked me on my head with his big foot.  We are supposed to heel.  But how is the old lady supposed to know where to go if I don't lead her?  I had to go sit in the car for no reason.  I cried.

Today was a sunny day and I went outside with my mom and Aunt Foxxy.  We played and rolled in the dirt.  The old lady was talking to her hand or whatever that thing is that makes the ringing noise, and so I dug a big hole and then ran anround and around it.  It was so funny.  Then later I was outside and she came out and the loudest scariest sound I have ever heard happened.  I found out it was a mower and I was okay with it but it sure was scary.


Foxxy captures two blue ribbons at PVGRC Specialty

Foxxy won her class in the Veterans 9 and Under 11 Bitches classes for both Veterans Sweepstakes and Regular Veterans.  Way to go Foxxy!

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