Cassie is back blogging

What happened outside?  I used to go outside and it was so cool and pleasant.  Now I go out and it's hot and makes me pant.

Today I saw the vet and she put something in the other end of me - not my mouth.  Something is wrong with her.  I got cookies and everyone says I'm beautiful.  Ha.  Tell me something I don't already know.  I went with the old lady to help her buy plants.  Everyone loved me and I really did sit politely for them, not like I did for the old lady today.  I jumped on her when she leaned over to put my collar on, and bit her hair.  Funny!


Cassie and her sister Sunni retrieving at K-9 Olympics

Cassie and her litter-mate and sister Sunni enjoyed a day at Twin Ponds learning all about water retrieving.  At first, both got their feet wet just a bit retrieving some baby toys in a small stream.  But by the end of the day, they were acting like real, grown-up retrievers, leaping into the water, and thinking nothing of swimming out 20-25 feet to retrieve a toy.  The bigger the splash, the more fun, even if they did go completely under the water in the process.  We all had some pretty tired pups by the end of the day.

First, here is Cassie in action:

...and here is Sunni:


Foxxy makes her one day at CCCC count!

Foxxy was only able to get into one day (Memorial Day) at the Capital City Cocker Club trial in Fredericksburg this weekend, but she made it count.  She earned a Double-Q with eighteen points.  Not a bad day for our girl as she approaches her 11th birthday!


Cassie has more adventures to blog about

I think my brother Neil is going to school to be a lawyer. The old lady said she saw his picture which was taken at Georgetown University.  She said he is on Facebook. She said he has a lot of pictures. She said he is the one who is learning to greet people without jumping on them and I could take a lesson from him and I bet he doesn't bark at people who come to his door and scare them off like I do.

I think a blog is better than Facebook and my friends do too.

Today was a beautiful day to dig holes and play with my Mom and Aunt Foxxy, but NO the old lady put me in the car.  We were gone forever!  We went fron store to store and I saw some new people.  I did throw up in the car.  Sometimes I do that.  We went to a park and I saw the biggest water puddle ever.  I saw that the water was moving in out in out - I almost got my feet wet.  I found a crab shell and a stick.  We had a lovely day, she said.  She said maybe my friend Zoe might comeover.  I can't wait.  We will play and fight and run and run.  I think we need to see each other more.

This may have been the best day of my entire life!  We went in the car.  OK, yes, I threw up but that's okay I just ate it.  Anyway, we went to Rover's Retreat and it was a huge place with ponds, dogs, guns, whistles, and ducks flying around.  It looked like so much fun.  I tried to pick up a duck but I was just too nervous.  A dog I know, Ellie, picked up a duck and it just made me mad because I couldn't.  I guess I don't understand what to do.  After I came home my friend Zoe came over.  It was SO fun!  We ran.  Zoe is as cute as me.  We love each other.  I showed Zoe how to run fast in a tunnel and we did it over and over.  Zoe ate lots of grass and we dug a very small hole before they said to stop.  Cookie Joan showed me how to stack myself - I am a little confused if I should sit or stand when they show me a cookie.

Another great day!  We got in the car and drove around the corner and the old lady found a pond.  We saw a million geese and 2 million babies.  I barked and barked really big.  The old lady held my face and said NO!  I stillbarked a few more times.  I'm not sure what I was supposed to do - she kept throwing things in the water and telling me to go get them.  I was too afraid to.  I did run around really fast and ate goose poop.  Then we left and I thought we were going home but we went to the place where the water goes in and out.  She threw sticks and this time I went in the water and had a good time. 

Another new adventure!  Foxxy and I went to Rover's Retreat again but this time there was a lot more people and a lot more dogs.  We went in the field and each puppy got to go pick up a bumper.  I was a little afraid of one of the ladies.  She kept saying "hey, hey!" and throwing things.  I don't really know what I was doing.  Anyway, everyone clapped.  I did go in the water for the first time and picked up a bumper.  This looks like something I would like to do.  Foxxy was a big winner.  She was so excited she made me nervous.  I saw Zoe and Cookie Joan but we were too excited to play.  Cookie Joan gave me a treat - UCK!  I spit it right out.  I know one thing - that was not chicken!  I saw Sheri and Barbara and Ellie.  I know Ellie but she growled and the old lady grabbed her nose and said no.  I can take care of my own business but I am small.

The old man and woman are talking about my brothers Neil and Storm.  They saw a picture of them.  They said my brothers look alike and I look like them.  Well, maybe, but my sister Sunni and I are really cute.


Foxxy Takes 1st Place in Senior Veterans Class at PVGRC WC/WCX

Foxxy took first place in the Senior Veterans class at the WC/WCX, handling two long land marks easily, then handling a tougher challenge from the judges in her water marks.  Her first water mark was intentionally thrown against the far shore, and around a corner (and out of sight).  No problem for Foxxy!  Other than an essential detour for a snack of goose poop, she handled it well.  Foxxy may be starting a new career in field work at 10-3/4.